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  • Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2015

    by Representative Stephen Knight

    Posted on 2015-02-12

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    KNIGHT. Mr. Speaker, I have gotten to sit during this debate, and for the last hour or more I got to listen to nobody arguing, nobody wondering that this is a bad idea, nobody saying that this is something we shouldn't do.

    When you walk around your district--and me being a freshman, I get to hear all my friends. You know, you never ask your friend whether you are a liberal or a conservative or a Democrat or Republican. You just talk to your friends. Friends always ask me: Why don't you get something done? As a State legislator in California, it was difficult for us to get some things done. I was always frustrated about that. I never liked to hear the term ``ABC''--Anywhere but California. But the reason that term came up was because of certainty, was because businesses didn't know what we were going [[Page H1012]] to do from year to year. That is exactly what we are talking about today--certainty. ``Certainty'' is just not a word that we throw around. ``Certainty'' is something that has meaning. If we are going to extend this for, now, 7, 8 years in a row, it is obviously a good idea.

    Going back and forth and volleying back and forth saying that this is a great idea, we all agree, we just want to do it on a 1-year basis, doesn't give certainty, doesn't give that reliability that this is good policy, we all believe in it, and we can get what we desire out of it.

    When we go back to our districts and we go to our food pantries or we go to places that are helping the needy and helping the people that need it, feed people that need to be fed, wouldn't you like to go back there and say: ``You know what? This is not something we are going to kick back and forth next year or the next year. This is something that is going to be on the books. We have sheer certainty about this''? So listening to this debate and listening to what is happening of these four measures is what I draw out of this. What I draw, what we can get today: bipartisan, moving this forward, getting certainty for these measures that we seem to all agree upon.

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