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  • Fighting Hunger Incentive Act of 2015

    by Representative Linda T. Sánchez

    Posted on 2015-02-12

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    SANCHEZ of California. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak about H.R. 644, the America Gives More Act.

    The bill before us today contains provisions that I strongly support, but it is with much frustration that I will vote against today's bill. Rather than tackling comprehensive tax reform, House Republicans are once again doing just the opposite. It seems like Congress has given up on comprehensive tax reform only six weeks into the year. The American people deserve better.

    I feel like I'm starting to sound like a broken record on this, but we need a tax code that is simple, fair, and provides certainty to all taxpayers. Watching the Republicans cherry pick a few bills while leaving countless other deserving, historically bipartisan bills in the dust is not how to run this committee or this country.

    I have been proud to support local food banks in Los Angeles for many years. The work that they do is truly invaluable. Countless families in my district, and across Los Angeles County, are able to put food on the table and send their kids to school on a full stomach because of our local food banks.

    Yet year after year we let our local charities down by kicking the can down the road, sometimes kicking the can backwards, when can only muster retroactive policy. Our federal tax code is like a spider web. If we tinker with one provision, others provisions are affected. That is why we must tackle comprehensive tax reform to provide true certainty to both tax payers and charities.

    I strongly support the individual charitable provisions before us today, but this is not how to run a country.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. All time for debate has expired.

    Pursuant to House Resolution 101, the previous question is ordered on the bill, as amended.

    The question is on the engrossment and third reading of the bill.

    The bill was ordered to be engrossed and read a third time, and was read the third time.

    Motion to Recommit Mr. NEAL. Mr. Speaker, I have a motion to recommit at the desk.

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