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  • Facts Are Stubborn Things

    by Representative Tom McClintock

    Posted on 2015-02-13

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    McCLINTOCK asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. McCLINTOCK. Mr. Speaker, as we count down the days to the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security, a parade of Democrats has appeared on the floor to accuse Republicans of blocking funding.

    Have they completely forgotten that the House passed a bill to fully fund the Homeland Security Department back on January 14--31 days ago? Every House Democrat save two opposed that funding, and, for 31 days, Senate Democrats have blocked it from even being considered.

    The fact is that Democrats are willing to block funding for Homeland Security unless they can fund amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. According to a recent ABC-Washington Post poll, the American people want to stop the President's amnesty orders by a whopping 56-41 percent. Nine Senate Democrats have told their constituents they do, too, but they won't.

    [[Page H1040]] Those are the facts.

    And, as John Adams said, facts are stubborn things.


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