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  • Extension of Morning Business

    by Senator John McCain

    Posted on 2013-01-24

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    McCAIN. Mr. President, before the Senator from Maryland leaves the floor, I would like to tell him how much I appreciate the remarks he just made. I think he gave a very accurate depiction of the agreement we reached after many hours of always pleasant conversation. The fact is we showed our colleagues and many others it is still possible for a group of us to join together on a very difficult issue and a very complex one.

    The Senator from Maryland stated his preference just a minute ago that he is for majority rule. But he also understood that in order for us to come together, that we had to move--each of us--in a more centrist direction. Without his input, his efforts, and his willingness, in my view, it is very likely we would not have agreed.

    I ask unanimous consent that the Senator from Maryland and I engage in a colloquy.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so ordered.

    Mr. McCAIN. I think the Senator from Maryland and I would agree that even though this is not a headline-grabbing issue and a lot of people in America have no real idea what was at stake, that if we hadn't reached this agreement amongst us, it could have had repercussions for a very long period of time in the Senate; would the Senator agree to that? Mr. CARDIN. I certainly agree with my friend from Arizona. They may not have understood what caused the problems, but when they see the type of gridlock where the Senate can't take up amendments for 1 week or can't take up a bill for 2 weeks or debating how to proceed on a motion to proceed, not only on substance, they wonder what is going on here. So the Senator is absolutely right.

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