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    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2014-01-13

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    REID. The Republican leader and I have had a number of conversations today about how we should proceed on unemployment insurance. I have had conversations and he has had conversations with a number of our Members, both Democrats and Republicans. Right now, because the vote is not scheduled until 5:30, it has been difficult for me, and I am quite certain for the Republican leader, to talk to all of the necessary people involved in trying to come to some conclusion as to how we should proceed on this legislation. Two of the people I met with today, everyone knows, are people who are trying to work something out, including Senator Collins and Senator Heller. Senator Heller is a cosponsor of the underlying bill and Senator Collins is always trying to make peace with everybody. They have made a proposal. I have an outline of their proposal and I appreciate their good work.

    However, I can't automatically agree to it because it calls for 3 months rather than the 11 months or so we had in the underlying proposal that is before the Senate. As everyone knows, the President is not in favor of a 3-month proposal and I am not either, but that doesn't mean we can't work something out. I have made statements indicating I prefer a longer period in the proposal and so has the President.

    However, my main point in saying a few words this afternoon is that we need to be able to meet with Senators--I need to meet with my caucus tomorrow before I can determine how I would suggest--along with the two Republican Senators I met with--how we will proceed on this matter.

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