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  • Executive Session

    by Senator Bill Nelson

    Posted on 2014-12-15

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    NELSON. Madam President, before the Senator from South Dakota leaves the floor, let this Senator say that I am looking forward to working with him since he will be our chairman of the Commerce Committee next year. I will have the privilege of being the ranking member. We have a fairly full plate of things that must be done: FAA reauthorization, telecommunications rewrite. Fortunately, it looks as though we have just done a Coast Guard bill, but there can always be tweaks to that. There are a host of things. We are way beyond on NASA reauthorization. Fortunately, we have been able to build on the NASA reauthorization that was done in 2010, but that needs to be updated. There are all kinds of consumer legislation as we get into things such as this thorny issue of Internet access. It is going to take some real bipartisan cooperation.

    In my discussions with the future chairman, Senator Thune, I am looking forward to working with him on this very important committee.

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