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  • Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations the Right to Appeal Act—Motion to Proceed—Continued

    by Senator Sherrod Brown

    Posted on 2015-05-13

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    BROWN. Mr. President, would the Senator from Oregon yield for a moment? Mr. WYDEN. I would be happy to.

    Mr. BROWN. I want to thank Senator Wyden for his work on the Customs bill that we will be debating, the bill to which he is referring, especially his amendment that we worked on, the prohibition of child labor, closing an 85-year loophole, if you will, allowing child labor in far too many cases, and we as a nation were allowing the importation of goods produced by child labor. I appreciate his support and Senator Hatch's support early in the process before the markup began on our ``level the playing field'' language, which is particularly important to a number of industries in this country, to make the playing field more level, as Senator Wyden was saying and, third, the importance of currency. We know how many jobs we have lost in my State and all over the country because of what has happened with countries gaming the currency system. So I wanted to express my thanks to Senator Wyden.

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