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  • Ensuring Tax Exempt Organizations the Right to Appeal Act—Motion to Proceed

    by Senator Harry Reid

    Posted on 2015-05-12

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    REID. Mr. President, my friend, the majority leader, has one person to blame for our not being on the floor now debating this important piece of legislation, and that person is the majority leader. The next time he looks in the mirror, he can understand who is responsible for not having debate, as he said, with robust amendments. It is he.

    The reason for this situation we are in today is very simple. The Finance Committee reported four bills out by a large, bipartisan vote of the Finance Committee. The majority leader decided, on his own, that he would consider two of those and that the others would have to figure out some other way to get done.

    As the Republican leader said this morning in his opening statement, let's move to those two bills, and then we will start the amendment process. Do all four and start the amendment process. It is very logical.

    It is illogical what he is saying. Why should we only do two of the four reported out of the Finance Committee? It doesn't make sense.

    Now, my friend the Republican leader is very aware of motions to proceed. During the last 4 years, because of the Republicans' cynical approach to government, they basically defeated everything we tried to do while not allowing us to proceed on legislation. However, we are saying we are willing to work with you on this legislation. We don't want to stop moving forward on this bill. We think, though, the bill should be what was reported out of the Finance Committee. That seems the fair thing to do.

    That is all we ask--a path forward, a realistic path for all of us to proceed on this legislation. If we are stuck here, it is too bad. We shouldn't be.

    I say to my friend the Republican leader, I am always available to speak with him--here, telephone, my office, his office--to figure a way forward on this legislation.

    I have stated the last week or so that the way we should go forward is to have all four of the measures that came out of the Finance Committee lumped together and start legislating on those--to have, in the words of the Republican leader, a robust amendment process on those bills as lumped together.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The majority leader of the Senate.

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