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  • Elimination of 2013 Pay Adjustment

    by Representative Frank A. LoBiondo

    Posted on 2013-02-15

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    LoBIONDO. Mr. Cummings, thank you very much.

    We all talk about our heroes in this country, and there are some real ones. There are 103 names at the CIA--we don't talk much about CIA officers, FBI officers, State Department officers--who gave their lives. Benghazi, still fresh in our minds, brought the country to its knees in horror, in agony, in mourning. There are State Department officers who lost their lives, and we have the audacity to tell them that we're going to deny them--I don't care if it's $1. At Camp Chapman, Afghanistan, six CIA officers and the chief of station were brutally murdered, and six were seriously injured.

    I have the honor of being on the House Intelligence Committee. I've been to Camp Chapman. I've been to these forward operating bases. I've been to Africa. I've talked to these CIA officers who are putting their lives on the line every single minute of every day. They don't know when an attack is coming on them, and they don't know from which direction. Yet we're going to tell them that they should not get even a single dollar? Shame. That's not what we should be about. That's never what we should be about.

    If we can't put those who are protecting this country at the top of the list and understand, then shame on us. If we didn't understand this was in the bill, shame on us. If we did understand it was in the bill and if we did it anyhow, then even more shame on us. This is wrong and we should not do it.

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