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  • E-Free Act

    by Representative Michael G. Fitzpatrick

    Posted on 2016-01-12

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    FITZPATRICK. Mr. Speaker, I rise to tell the story of Sabrina Fregoso of Diamond Springs, California. Sabrina is one of the tens of thousands of women harmed by the permanent sterilization device Essure.

    In August of 2012, Sabrina welcomed her fourth child, at which time she discussed permanent sterilization with her physician. Her doctor recommended Essure and assured her that the procedure was safe.

    Immediately following the Essure procedure, Sabrina began to notice a consistent and substantial decline in her health, including losing control of her bowels, extensive weight gain, severe bloating, hair loss, and sores covering her body. Her lower back, hips, and leg joints became painful. She experienced numbness in her feet and sharp heel pain that made it difficult to walk.

    Mr. Speaker, today I rise again as their voice to tell this Chamber that their stories are real, their pain is real, and their fight is real.

    My bill, the E-Free Act, can halt this tragedy by removing this dangerous device from the market. I urge my colleagues to join in this fight because stories like Sabrina's are too important to ignore.


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