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  • E-Free Act

    by Representative Michael G. Fitzpatrick

    Posted on 2015-12-10

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    FITZPATRICK. Mr. Speaker, I rise to tell the story of Kathryn Frederickson of Maryland. Kathryn is one of the tens of thousands of women that have been harmed by a permanent sterilization device, the medical device known as Essure.

    Essure was recommended as the optimal birth control solution for Kathryn, despite a pre-existing autoimmune condition and a known nickel allergy. After the procedure, she felt severe pain, extreme bleeding, vomiting, and rashes, caused by the nickel-based device.

    After 3 weeks of pain and discomfort, Kathryn paid $7,000 out of pocket to remove the device. One coil was found in her uterus. She lost 2 months of work and of her life. Kat's health has never been the same.

    I rise as a voice for the Essure Sisters to tell this Chamber that their stories are real, their pain is real, and that their fight is real.

    Mr. Speaker, my bill, the E-Free Act, can halt this tragedy by removing this dangerous device from the market. Too many women have been harmed.

    So I urge my colleagues to join this fight and to join the bill because stories like Kathryn's are too important to ignore.


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