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  • Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2015

    by Representative John Abney Culberson

    Posted on 2015-01-13

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    CULBERSON. Madam Chair, under the logic of the minority we have heard tonight, it would be that the President has taken this action because of the inaction of Congress in order to fix a broken immigration system.

    Under that logic, President George W. Bush would have been within his rightful authority, in order to fix a broken economy, to refuse to collect the capital gains tax, just to issue an executive order, a memorandum by the director of the IRS: Do not collect the capital gains tax, the capital gains tax is now effectively zero, no matter what the law says, to fix a broken economy.

    I would also point out to my colleagues in the minority that the examples that we have heard tonight of previous Presidents taking action are all based on the President's very broad authority under the war powers, under his authority as Commander in Chief, and also his authority to make treaties and receive foreign ambassadors.

    In fact, the Supreme Court, Madam Chair, has said that the President is essentially the sole organ of the Federal Government in the field of international relations; so the authority of other Presidents in the past who have taken these actions, they have done so under their authority as Commander in Chief in the area of foreign affairs.

    We in the House tonight, the new Republican majority in the House, are listening to the voters. We are responding to the overwhelming rejection of President Obama's policies by the American people.

    Two short months ago, when President Obama said his policies were on the ballot, America answered and said ``no'' and elected the largest Republican majority since the 1920s to stop President Obama from dismantling the America we know and love, to stop President Obama from ignoring the law and the Constitution.

    We in the House are using our authority to be good stewards of our taxpayers' hard-earned tax dollars. Our system of checks and balances gives us that authority, our responsibility, to prevent our constituents' hard-earned tax dollars from being spent for illegal purposes.

    The first amendment we are taking up tonight is one step of many in this bill tonight. We are taking up a whole [[Page H330]] series of amendments as steps to keep our word that we are listening to the American voters.

    The first amendment is one based on a bill that I am proud to coauthor with Chairman Aderholt and other Members of the House that dismantles and defunds the President's illegal executive amnesty memos.

    We have further taken action in this bill tonight to have the highest number of border patrol agents we have ever had before, keeping a minimum of 34,000 beds--detention beds--available for the purpose of enforcing the law.

    The second critical part of this bill, Madam Chair, is that the Republican House is enforcing the law. This is a law enforcement issue because we understand in Texas, better than any other part of the Nation, you cannot have good schools, safe streets, and a strong economy without law enforcement.

    We all know that our economy on the river, on the Rio Grande, is fundamental that the law be enforced to keep out the drug runners and the smugglers and the gunrunners and the criminals. No one has a stronger interest in safe streets and good schools and laws being enforced than those folks that live along the southern border.

    {time} 1900 President Obama's got this responsibility and he has refused to fulfill his constitutional responsibility as Commander in Chief to execute the laws faithfully. The House of Representatives is doing our job and honoring our word to the American people to preserve, protect, and defend the America we love by enforcing the law.

    The Acting CHAIR. The Chair will remind Members to refrain from engaging in personalities toward the President.

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