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  • Death of Ariel Sharon

    by Representative Doug Collins

    Posted on 2014-01-16

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    COLLINS of georgia in the house of representatives Thursday, January 16, 2014 Mr. COLLINS of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, on Monday, Israel laid former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to rest in a coffin draped in blue and white. What Ariel Sharon accomplished in life is a compliment to how he lived it.

    Called ``Bulldozer'' by many, Ariel Sharon paved the way to maintain a strong and secure Israel during his time in the military and government.

    Sharon is considered one of Israel's most brilliant military strategists and finest field commanders. Sharon provided leadership in numerous Israeli conflicts, including the 1956 Suez Crisis and the 1973 Yom-Kippur War.

    After achieving the rank of major general, he chose to serve his country in a different arena, politics.

    Ariel Sharon bulldozed his way into political power, with the same ferocity used to rout Israel's enemies, by becoming prime minister in 2001, with what was then, the largest electoral margin in Israel's history.

    During his time as prime minister, he led with distinction and poise, with the protection of Israel as his guiding light.

    My personal reflection on Ariel Sharon brings to mind a quote from General Macarthur's retirement speech before Congress, in which he said, ``old soldiers never die; they just fade away.'' I am confident that this body will remember Ariel Sharon's legacy, as well as this country's commitment to Israel's standing in the region.


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