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  • Dear Jon

    by Representative E. Scott Rigell

    Posted on 2013-12-19

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    RIGELL of virginia in the house of representatives Thursday, December 19, 2013 Mr. RIGELL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today on behalf of Albert Caswell, who has written a poem in honor of Staff Sergeant Jonathan Dozier of the United States Army. Staff Sergeant Dozier was killed in Sinsil, Iraq on January 9, 2008, while serving his country. He was a highly decorated soldier, earning the Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his heroic sacrifice and for his commitment to his fellow Americans. He is survived by his wife Amy, their [[Page E1901]] daughter Emma and his sister Jennifer. As we come upon this holiday season, may we remember Staff Sergeant Dozier and his family, as well as all our veterans and military personnel who have sacrificed so much for this great nation.

    Dear Jon IN HONOR OF AN AMERICAN HERO WHO GAVE THAT LAST FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION SSG JONATHAN KILIAN DOZIER 3RD SQUAD, 2ND CAVALRY SCOUT SNIPER THE UNITED STATES ARMY Dear Jon Dear! Dear Jon! Rest my precious son! Your war is over, your fight is won! And now, as an Angel in The Army of our Lord your new charge has begun! As your soul went Airborne, with your new wings oh high as won! To watch over us from dusk to dawn! To fight the darkness whenever it so forms! And Jonathan we will miss you so, now that you are gone! Dear Jon! But your life, and your times within our hearts now so lives on! To remind us all, of America's Best with hearts so very warm! Dear Jon! And oh Jon, what a truly great American Hero you are my son! Dear Jon. . . .

    for your life was short but like a shining star shines on! Of such selflessness, who our Nation has so blessed! As Strength In Honor was but your life's quest! As your fine soul was built upon the bedrock of morality, not to rest! But For The Greater Good, as you so gave all that you so could! That Last Full Measure! One's Life, The Greatest of all Treasures! As the Angels wept! As they so saw what your fine soul would so except! Dear Jon! For you were Army Strong, chapter and verse, your song! Because you stood for Something, from dusk to dawn! Airborne! Ah, but with such pride that patch was worn! A Soldier's Soldier! A Scout Sniper, who out into the darkness moved on! A team leader, from where such inspiration was so formed! All on your lonesome on the edge! As you were gone! Bolder than Bolder! Bad To The Bone, damn right just like your Dad a BullDOZIER who the word courage owned! A perfect soldier, who our Lord God soul now so owns! Dear Jon! Rest my son! And your fine wife Amy and daughter Emma, miss you so with each new morning sun! Looking into Emma's face, as it's you we so see my son! As your beautiful Sister Jennifer's heartache and tears have begun! As she carries you in her heart and etched upon her arm! And your Mother and Father's pain cannot so be undone! Until, they all so meet you up in Heaven one fine day Dear! Dear Jon! And across Chesapeake this night, as they lay their heads down to rest . . .

    There comes a gentle rain from Heaven up above, are but our Lord's gift! Are his tears to so ease your pain, that which you are all so left with, all of his love's! Until one fine day you all so meet up in Heaven above! And you won't have to cry no more! In life! Could we? Would we? Would we ever the strength to so find? To live such a selfless life as Jonathan's all in time! To fight the darkness and not ask why . . .

    Dear Jon! And now we lay your fine body down to rest! As all of our tears begin to crest! For you were one of those the most brilliant, the best of the best! Dear Jon! You have died, but you are not gone! All in our souls you live on! Amen! ____________________

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