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    Daniel K. Inouye Arrow Anti-Missile Defense Facility

    by Former Representative Colleen W. Hanabusa

    Posted on 2014-01-14

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    HANABUSA asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Ms. HANABUSA. Mr. Speaker, just today, for the first time, Israel named a military facility after a non-Israeli. Named after Daniel K. Inouye is an Arrow anti-missile defense facility.

    As we know, the U.S. and Israel have successfully developed the Arrow anti-missile system through joint cooperation. A steadfast symbol of cooperation is perhaps the most appropriate way to remember him, as our Senator played an integral role in transforming the relationship between our two countries, and I am pleased that our allies around the world continue to honor him and carry on his legacy.

    When former colleagues recall Senator Inouye, they insist that, without him, there would be no U.S. aid to Israel as we know it today. The Senator's interest in Israel stemmed from learning of the fate of the Jews in Europe after his own military experience in Italy in the 442nd, a legendary unit of Japanese Americans, which earned him the highest military honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor.

    This honor is another example of how Senator Inouye's influence and hard work have deeply impacted not only Hawaii, but also our Nation and the world. This time, he was recognized some 8,664-plus-or-minus miles from his beloved Hawaii.


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