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  • Crew of the M.s. Shahan II

    by Representative Lee M. Zeldin

    Posted on 2015-12-11

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    ZELDIN of new york in the house of representatives Friday, December 11, 2015 Mr. ZELDIN. Mr. Speaker, I, along with my colleague Mr. Courtney from Connecticut, rise today to honor the crew of the M.S. Shahan II. On September 14, 2015, a seemingly normal work commute turned into a life or death rescue mission. Al Yeomans, Ship's Mate; Cliff McGuigan, Ship's Mate; Jeffrey Krause, Security; Meghan Jackson, Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Specialist; Allyson Cooke, Document Control Specialist; Jennifer Knight, Administrative Assistant; and Hector Lavarreda, Procurement Manager, all a part of the workforce at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, sprang into action after spotting two boaters off the coast of Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

    Upon arriving at the scene, the crew saw the boaters clinging to the fender of their sinking vessel and not wearing life jackets, which meant that a timely rescue was critical. Despite the rough conditions, Captain Peter Jordan managed to maneuver the ferry into position to deploy a rescue sling and hoist the boaters to safety. Once aboard, the crew rushed to protect the victims from hypothermia and shock.

    If not for the courageous efforts of the crew members, the story being told may have ended tragically. The actions undertaken by these crew members embody the spirit of American determination and the desire to help others when they need it most. It is important to recognize these individuals so that their selfless actions do not go unnoticed and can be commended by all. Today, we thank these crewmembers for their efforts and service to their communities.


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