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  • Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act

    by Representative Grace F. Napolitano

    Posted on 2013-06-03

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    NAPOLITANO. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    (Mrs. NAPOLITANO asked and was given permission to revise and extend her remarks.) Mrs. NAPOLITANO. Mr. Speaker, H.R. 126 directs the Secretary of the Interior to enter into an agreement with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, as well as local and State authorities, to provide for the management of the wild horses in and around the Currituck National Wildlife Refuge. The agreement will increase the cap on the herd size and specify that the privately funded Corolla Wild Horse Fund will cover the cost of managing the herd.

    This refuge was established in 1984 to preserve and protect the native coastal barrier ecosystem. The refuge provides habitat for the migrating wild fowl and for the endangered species, such as piping plover and sea turtles.

    It is unusual to protect a nonnative species such as these horses in a wildlife refuge. Extra effort and resources are needed to ensure that the herd does not impair the ecosystem for the native animals and plants.

    H.R. 126 is an imperfect solution, though a solution, to a very difficult problem. We must continue working with Fish and Wildlife Service and with the local community to achieve balance between the needs of the refuge and these wild horses.

    With that, I reserve the balance of my time.

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