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  • Continuing Appropriations

    by Senator Bill Nelson

    Posted on 2013-10-07

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    NELSON. Mr. President, will the Senator yield for a question? Mr. BROWN. Mr. President, I would be glad to yield to the Senator from Florida.

    Mr. NELSON. What the Senator said about NASA is so true. Would the Senator believe that 97 percent of the [[Page S7257]] workforce at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is on furlough? A few of us had to intercede. The Mars mission that is supposed to go in a narrow window between mid-November and early December--if they miss that window, it would be another 2 years before they could launch that Mars mission and, therefore, you would have all the expense of keeping the scientists on, and so forth. We finally got them to bring them back so they could continue processing the mission so it can launch in that narrow 3-week window. But the rest of the people are gone.

    Does that sound very intelligent to the Senator from Ohio? Mr. BROWN. I would add, it is interesting: Three of the great NASA facilities are represented on the floor now by Senator Cornyn from Texas, Senator Nelson, and me. It is not just NASA employees at NASA Glenn in Cleveland.

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