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  • Congressional Golf Tournament

    by Representative John A. Yarmuth

    Posted on 2016-07-13

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    YARMUTH. Mr. Speaker, I want to thank my colleague for yielding.

    I am beginning to feel a little bit like ``Groundhog Day.'' Unfortunately, no matter what Bill Murray does, the result seems to be the same. We keep changing team members, strategies, and so forth, but it hasn't mattered.

    My congratulations to the Republican team. They played extremely well. We will keep trying.

    The most important thing, as my colleague said, is the incredible sums of money we raise to help a phenomenal program like First Tee. Most everybody in this body has a First Tee chapter in their district. I know I don't need to talk about the great benefit it provides to American youth.

    So, once again, congratulations to the Republican team.

    My final comment would be to say it has been an honor and a pleasure to cocaptain this event with my good friend, Ander Crenshaw. This will be his last year as captain. I will miss him, but he has comported himself in every instance with the class and grace you would expect of an avid golfer, as have the members of both teams.

    Once again, congratulations to the Republicans. We will see you again next year.


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