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  • Congratulations to Ted Leipprandt on His Receipt of the Leaders and Legends Award Given By Michigan Agri-Business Association

    by Representative Candice S. Miller

    Posted on 2014-01-08

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    MILLER of michigan in the house of representatives Wednesday, January 8, 2014 Mrs. MILLER of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, today I would like to deliver a few words honoring Ted Leipprandt who is being awarded the Leaders and Legends Award given by Michigan Agri-Business Association. This prestigious award is given annually to an individual who has been a leader in Michigan's agricultural community and honors a lifetime dedication to making a positive difference advancing the agriculture industry in the state.

    Born to Theo and Lillian Leipprandt, Ted was the youngest of four children and grew up in the 1930s and 1940s on a 160 acre farm that was truly diverse. The family grew grain seeds, corn, sugar beets, while also raising cows, pigs and laying hens. As a teen, Ted helped his family around the farm staying active in the community by participating in organizations such as 4-H and Future Farmers of America until he went off to college at Michigan State University where he studied animal husbandry, and crop and soil sciences.

    Once graduated from college, Ted volunteered to serve his country in the United States Army. While stationed at Fort Benning, he met his lovely wife Margaret, who together, would eventually raise three sons and one daughter: Jeff, Joel, Jim and Jill, and enjoy the company of 15 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

    After his time spent serving this nation, Ted took a job with the Macomb County Cooperative Extension Service where he worked at the soil testing laboratory before taking up his long career at the Cooperative Elevator in Pigeon, Michigan.

    Throughout his career at the Co-op Elevator, Ted helped set up the first soil testing program for the members of the community working closely with local farmers on soil sampling that would eventually be used to make fertilizer recommendations.

    As time grew, Ted gained the area farmers confidence and trust building strong relationships which would later lead to taking on more responsibilities in the role of manager of the feed and fertilizer division and participating in the Board of Directors meetings at Co-op Elevator.

    His reputation would later gain him a seat as General Manager and CEO of the Pigeon Co-op Elevator in 1974.

    Over the next 13 years, Ted helped Co-op Elevator flourish by investing in major projects to increase grain storage as well as overseeing the organization's fertilizer blending facility, which at the time, was ``state of the art'' and is still used today.

    His innovative thinking helped continue the Co-op Elevator's growth constantly expanding the outreach and impact on Michigan's agriculture in the Thumb where I represent.

    Through his life, Ted believed that being active in the community where you live and work was essential. With that in mind, Ted stayed active in his local church, was a member of the Pigeon Rotary Club and has been very supportive of the 4-H and F.F.A. He was a member to multiple organizations which includes sitting on Michigan Bean Shippers Board, the Michigan Bean Commission and Michigan Grain and Agri-Dealers Association just to name a few.

    Even after his retirement, Ted continued to serve the interest of agriculture in the Thumb while on the Board of Directors of DTE Energy and East Central Farm Credit Services.

    Looking back at Ted's story is something to be admired and the community thanks him for all his hard work and dedication he has put in over the years to support not the just the agriculture industry but his community has a whole.

    I am honored to represent Ted who is constituent of mine and congratulate him on this well deserved ``Leaders and Legends Award.'' You truly deserve it.


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