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  • Congratulating Unlv’s Lee Business School

    by Senator Dean Heller

    Posted on 2015-02-12

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    HELLER. Mr. President, today I wish to congratulate the Lee Business School of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, UNLV, for receiving top honors at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, AICPA, Accounting Competition. UNLV's Accounting REBEL- ation team included Annegenelle Figueroa, Kayla Shim, Brett Sebastian, and Kevin Curry. The students won a total of $5,000 to benefit the school's accounting department, a contribution that will help future students for years to come.

    The annual AICPA Competition assesses students' capabilities in making decisions on management, operations, finance, and strategy. This year's competition drew 140 teams to represent schools across the country and required the students to create a cost-accounting system for a fictional business called Humble Pies, Inc. The UNLV accounting team worked over a 3-month period before advancing to the finals and presenting its ideas to a panel of accounting executives. Teams were judged based upon persuasiveness, technical detail, and creativity. The students representing UNLV were specifically applauded for their real- world business application. These Nevada students are shining examples of how hard work and dedication lead to success and stand as role models for future Rebels.

    I am excited to see local students bringing recognition to both Nevada and to UNLV for their advancement in a national competition. The Lee Business School should be proud to call itself a top contender in a competitive environment. I ask my colleagues to join me and all Nevadans in congratulating these students from UNLV's Lee Business School for their unwavering effort and honorable representation of Nevada. ____________________

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