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  • Congratulating the Providence College Men’s Ice Hockey Team for Winning the 2015 Ncaa Division I National Championship

    by Senator Jack Reed

    Posted on 2015-04-20

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    REED. Mr. President, I stand with great pleasure and pride, along with Senator Whitehouse, to congratulate the Providence College men's hockey team in winning the 2015 NCAA Division I National Championship, and I am pleased to have worked with my colleague Senator Whitehouse in adopting a resolution last week to honor this great accomplishment.

    This is the first national championship in the history of PC's men's hockey club, and I am sure this season will be long remembered by Providence College players, coaches, staff, and fans.

    The championship game featured phenomenal plays and contributions from many Friars players, including a career-high 49 saves by goaltender Jon Gillies, and one goal each from Anthony Florentino, Mark Jankowski, Tom Parisi, and Brandon Tanev.

    I would like to congratulate all of the Friars players whose season- long hard work and dedication made this successful season possible. The 2015 PC men's hockey team consisted of: Rhode Island's own Noel Acciari, Mark Adams, Brooks Behling, Alex Cromwell, Logan Day, Stefan Demopoulos, Nick Ellis, Anthony Florentino, Jon Gillies, John Gilmour, Robbie Hennessey, Mark Jankowski, Brendan Leahy, Shane Luke, Conor MacPhee, Ross Mauermann, Kyle McKenzie, Steven McParland, Trevor Mingoia, Josh Monk, Tom Perisi, Brian Pinho, Truman Reed, Kevin Rooney, Niko Rufo, Nick Saracino, Brandon Tanev, and Jake Walman. I will apologize for my Rhode Island accent.

    I would also like to extend my best wishes to PC player Drew Brown, who missed this season while battling a rare form of bone cancer and is thankfully now reported to be cancer-free. But he contributed in many ways to the success of the team.

    Additionally, I want to recognize the coaches and staff whose commitment and preparation was essential to winning this national championship, especially head coach Nate Leaman, who won the championship in only his fourth season at PC. The other coaches and staff of the 2015 PC men's hockey team were: associate head coach Steve Miller, assistant coach Kris Mayotte, coordinator of Men's Hockey operations Kyle Murphy, and goaltending coach Jim McNiff.

    I also commend Providence College President Father Brian Shanley and athletic director Robert Driscoll on their accomplishments and extraordinary dedication to the school and to the community of Rhode Island.

    Again, I join many in the State of Rhode Island and around the hockey world in congratulating the Providence College men's ice hockey team on their incredible national championship season and wish them continued success in the future.

    I am proud to yield the floor to my colleague Senator Whitehouse.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Rhode Island.

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