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  • Congratulating the North Dakota State University Bison Football Team

    by Senator John Hoeven

    Posted on 2016-01-11

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    HOEVEN. Madam President, while I have the floor, if I might, I wish to shift gears. I know the Presiding Officer is a sports fan and that in her State they have many wonderful sports teams--football, basketball, and certainly the University of Iowa had an outstanding year this year. I certainly wish to commend them, compliment them on their great team. As a matter of fact, the team I am going to talk about next is going to play that team. I think it is our first or second game of the year next year. I am looking forward to it. I know the Presiding Officer is looking forward to it very much as well, when the North Dakota State University Bison play the University of Iowa. I don't know if the Presiding Officer is--I am sure she is a fan of the University of Iowa and Iowa State and Northern Iowa. They are all great sports programs. I don't know which one is her favorite and may not want to say, but we played Iowa State a few years ago. We play Northern Iowa every year. We have a great rivalry with Northern Iowa. Northern Iowa has a wonderful program--football and basketball. We enjoy playing them every year. This year it looks like they have a very good basketball team and are to be commended on beating North Carolina, the Tar Heels. We will certainly [[Page S13]] want to mention that to our colleagues. I am sure the Presiding Officer probably already has. North Dakota State plays Iowa every year and played Iowa State a few years back and we are very much looking forward to playing the University of Iowa.

    I wish to take a minute to speak about a resolution I will submit. I am going to talk about it now. The resolution is on behalf of the North Dakota State University Bison, which won a historic fifth consecutive NCAA Division I FCS national football championship on Saturday. Led by coach Chris Klieman, quarterback Carson Wentz, and a solid defensive effort, the Bison clinched the title 37 to 10 over a very talented team from Jacksonville State. The Gamecocks were truly great opponents. They played a fine game, and we congratulate them on a tremendous season as well.

    With Saturday's win, the Bison became the first football team in the modern era of college football to win five consecutive championships-- five titles in a row. The championships aren't won in a single game but as a result of years of hard work. The Bison overcame injury and adversity to make it back to the title game, and we are tremendously proud of our team, our players, the program, and all of their accomplishments.

    It was a thrill for my wife Mikey and me to join Bison Nation down in Frisco. The game was in Frisco, TX--a wonderful venue for the game. Having a dedicated fan base helped make their stadium feel a lot like one of our home games at the FARGODOME. It is an amazing experience.

    The game started with a flyover of a B-52 bomber from the Minot North Dakota Air Force Base. In addition to the thousands of dedicated NDSU fans, Thundar, the Bison mascot, and Corso, an actual bison--an unofficial mascot of the team--made the 1,000-mile trek down to Texas. The Bison had a loyal crew cheering them on, and it helped make this ``drive for five'' season very memorable.

    Five championships in a row is unprecedented. I want to congratulate the entire Bison community--NDSU's leaders, the coaches, the staff, and these tremendous student athletes, as well as Bison Nation, a wonderful loyal following wherever the Bison team goes.

    In recognition, I will submit the following resolution in their honor: Whereas the North Dakota State University (referred to in this preamble as ``NDSU'') Bison won the 2015 National Collegiate Athletic Association (referred to in this preamble as the ``NCAA'') Division I Football Championship Subdivision title game in Frisco, Texas, on January 9, 2016, in a decisive victory over the Jacksonville State Gamecocks by a score of 37 to 10; Whereas NDSU has won 13 NCAA football championships; Whereas NDSU has now won five consecutive NCAA Football Championships since 2011, an extraordinary and record-setting achievement in modern collegiate football history; Whereas the NDSU Bison have displayed tremendous resilience and skill over the past 5 seasons, with 71 wins to only 5 losses, including a streak of 33 consecutive winning games; Whereas thousands of Bison fans attended the championship game, reflecting the tremendous spirit and dedication of Bison Nation that has helped propel the success of the team; and Whereas the 2015 NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision title was a victory not only for the NDSU football team, but also for the entire State of North Dakota: Resolved, That the Senate-- (1) congratulates the North Dakota State University Bison football team as the 2015 champion of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Football Championship Subdivision; (2) commends the North Dakota State University players, coaches, and staff for their hard work and dedication on a historic season and for fostering a continuing tradition of athletic and academic excellence; and (3) recognizes the students, alumni, and the loyal fans who supported the Bison in their quest to capture a fifth consecutive Division I national championship trophy for North Dakota State University.

    With that, I yield the floor.

    I suggest the absence of a quorum.

    The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk will call the roll.

    The legislative clerk proceeded to call the roll.

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