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  • Congratulating the Florida State University Football Team

    by Senator Jeff Sessions

    Posted on 2014-01-13

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    SESSIONS. Mr. President, I think it is a remarkable achievement. Some people think our young people are not willing to work, not willing to discipline themselves, but those two teams played their hearts out. They did not get there working at it a few weeks ago. They worked all year in the weight rooms and studying, preparing themselves to reach this high level of excellence that delivered a thrilling game for us all. Florida State is a terrific team. I think everybody knew Auburn was going to have to be really up to speed to be able to compete--and they were able to. The Senator is right, and I am pleased to note that our Heisman Trophy winner this year is a native of Hueytown, AL. We will claim credit for that too.

    Mr. NELSON. I concede that.

    Mr. SESSIONS. Auburn drove down the field on that last drive, having to score to win the game, and just pounded away and Tre Mason ran down there and ran over somebody and scored the touchdown. But you are a Heisman Trophy-winning team, and all of you pulled together and came back and won with a few seconds to spare. It was spectacular. You well deserve the right to recognize them by resolution. I certainly will not object.

    I will add one more thing. Had Auburn won, it would have been the fifth consecutive year Auburn or Alabama had won the national championship. We would have liked to have seen that happen, but congratulations go to Florida State. They deserved to win, and they played well enough to win and did win.

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