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  • Congratulating the 2012 National Academy of Inventors’ Charter Fellows

    by Representative Gus M. Bilirakis

    Posted on 2013-02-28

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    BILIRAKIS of florida in the house of representatives Thursday, February 28, 2013 Mr. BILIRAKIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the 101 inventors who were recently recognized at the University of South Florida in Tampa and inducted as the 2012 National Academy of Inventors' Charter Fellows by the United States Commissioner of Patents, Margaret A. Focarino. In order to be named as a Charter Fellow, these men and women were nominated by their peers and have undergone the scrutiny of the NAI Selection Committee, having had their innovations deemed as making significant impact on quality of life, economic development, and welfare of society. Collectively, this elite group holds more than 3,200 patents.

    The individuals making up this year's class of Charter Fellows include individuals from 56 research universities and non-profit research institutes spanning not just the United States but also the world. This group of inductees touts eight Nobel Laureates, 14 presidents of research universities and non-profit research institutes, 53 members of the National Academies, 11 inductees of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, two Fellows of the Royal Society, five recipients of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, four recipients of the National Medal of Science, and 31 AAAS Fellows, among other major awards and distinctions.

    The contributions made to society through innovation are immeasurable. I commend these individuals, and the organizations that support them, for the work that they do to revolutionize the world we live in. As the following inventors are inducted, may it encourage future innovators to strive to meet this high honor and continue the spirit of innovation.

    The 2012 NAI Charter Fellows include: Dharma P. Agrawal, University of Cincinnati; Anthony Atala, Wake Forest University; Benton F. Baugh, University of Houston; Khosrow Behbehani, University of Texas at Arlington; Raymond J. Bergeron, University of Florida; Gerardine G. Botte, Ohio University; Robert H. Brown, Jr., University of Massachusetts Medical Center; Robert L. Byer, Stanford University; Sir Roy Calne, University of Cambridge; Curtis R. Carlson, SRI International.

    Nai Yuen Chen, University of Texas at Arlington; Stephen Z. D. Cheng, The University of Akron; Paul C. W. Chu, University of Houston; James J. Collins, Boston University; James G. Conley, Northwestern University; Joseph T. Coyle, Harvard University; James E. Dahlberg, University of Wisconsin- Madison; Roger J. Davis, University of Massachusetts Medical Center; Sandra J. F. Degen, University of Cincinnati; Hector F. DeLuca, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Donn M. Dennis, University of Florida; Akira Endo, Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology; Howard J. Federoff, Georgetown University; Thomas J. Fogarty, Fogarty Institute for Innovation; Kenneth M. Ford, Institute for Human & Machine Cognition; Eric R. Fossum, Dartmouth College; Robert C. Gallo, University of Maryland; Alan N. Gent, The University of Akron; Morteza Gharib, California Institute of Technology; Ivar Giaever, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    Barbara A. Gilchrest, Boston University; Richard D. Gitlin, University of South Florida; Leonid B. Glebov, University of Central Florida; D. Yogi Goswami, University of South Florida; Mark W. Grinstaff, Boston University; Greg Hampikian, Boise State University; Barbara C. Hansen, University of South Florida; Patrick T. Harker, University of Delaware; Martin E. Hellman, Stanford University; Nick Holonyak, Jr., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

    Leroy E. Hood, Institute for Systems Biology; Richard A. Houghten, Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies; Ernest B. Izevbigie, Jackson State University; Stephen C. Jacobsen, University of Utah; Eric W. Kaler, University of Minnesota; Linda P. B. Katehi, University of California, Davis; Joseph P. Kennedy, The University of Akron; Sakhrat Khizroev, Florida International University; Sung Wan Kim, University of Utah; George V. Kondraske, University of Texas at Arlington.

    John J. Kopchick, Ohio University; Roger D. Kornberg, Stanford University; Max G. Lagally, University of Wisconsin- Madison; Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Brian A. Larkins, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Victor B. Lawrence, Stevens Institute of Technology; Virginia M.-Y. Lee, University of Pennsylvania; Jean-Marie Pierre Lehn, University of Strasbourg; Shinn-Zong Lin, China Medical University; Thomas A. Lipo, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

    Barbara H. Liskov, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Alan F. List, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute; R. Bowen Loftin, Texas A&M University; Dan Luss, University of Houston; Robert Magnusson, University of Texas at Arlington; Richard B. Marchase, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Stephen W. S. McKeever, Oklahoma State University; Craig C. Mello, University of Massachusetts Medical Center; Shyam Mohapatra, University of South Florida; Theodore D. Moustakas, Boston University.

    George R. Newkome, The University of Akron; C. L. Max Nikias, University of Southern California; David P. Norton, University of Florida; Julio C. Palmaz, U. of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; Thomas N. Parks, University of Utah; C. Kumar N. Patel, University of California, Los Angeles; Prem S. Paul, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; David W. Pershing, University of Utah; G. P. Peterson, Georgia Institute of Technology; Leonard Polizzotto, Draper Laboratory.

    Huntington Potter, University of Colorado Denver; Paul R. Sanberg, University of South Florida; Timothy D. Sands, Purdue University; Raymond F. Schinazi, Emory University; Dean L. Sicking, University of Alabama at Birmingham; Oliver Smithies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Solomon H. Snyder, Johns Hopkins University; Franky So, University of Florida; M. J. Soileau, University of Central Florida; Nan-Yao Su, University of Florida.

    Jack W. Szostak, Harvard University; Esther Sans Takeuchi, Stony Brook University; H. Holden Thorp, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Charles H. Townes, University of California, Berkeley; John Q. Trojanowski, University of Pennsylvania; Roger Y. Tsien, University of California, San Diego; James L. Van Etten, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; James W. Wagner, Emory University; John E. Ware, Jr., University of [[Page E227]] Massachusetts Medical Center; Herbert Weissbach, Florida Atlantic University; Shin-Tson Wu, University of Central Florida.


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