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  • Congratulating Mountain Ridge Little League All-Star Team

    by Senator Dean Heller

    Posted on 2015-02-12

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    HELLER. Mr. President, today, I wish to congratulate the Mountain Ridge Little League team from Las Vegas for receiving first place in the [[Page S981]] Little League World Series U.S. Championships. This series began back in 1947 and for the first time, in 2014, a team from Nevada represented the greatest Little League team in the Nation. Today, I would like to honor the players and coaches for their tireless efforts in reaching their goals and for representing Nevada with integrity and hard work.

    The Mountain Ridge team, with players aged 12 to 13 years old, entered the Little League World Series U.S. Championship game with a 16-0 record in four tournaments, outscoring opponents 184-29. The team showed its true dedication to the State by traveling for weeks, spending time away from family and friends. Its journey began at the Western Regionals Competition on August 1 in San Bernardino, CA, and ended on August 25, after competing in the Little League World Series U.S. Championship game. Austin Kryszczuk, most noted for his batting skills, was labeled best player in the Little League World Series U.S. Championships.

    All of the players are role models for future generations of Nevada baseball, and the coaches serve as shining examples of leadership. The Mountain Ridge Little League team's accomplishment should be noted as a special moment to Nevada, after being called the second-most successful sports team in Las Vegas' history after the University of Nevada, Las Vegas' men's basketball national championship team in 1990. This team did more for Nevada than just represent the State on the field. It revealed the strong community that Nevada has to offer with many groups of friends and families coming together to watch the games.

    I am excited to see local athletes bringing recognition to Nevada and the Las Vegas community. The Mountain Ridge Little League team should be proud to call itself the top baseball team in the country. I ask my colleagues to join me and all Nevadans in congratulating this team from northwest Las Vegas for their unwavering dedication and honorable representation of Nevada. ____________________

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