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  • Congratulating Go Solar Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge

    by Representative Theodore E. Deutch

    Posted on 2013-02-28

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    DEUTCH of florida in the house of representatives Thursday, February 28, 2013 Mr. DEUTCH. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to congratulate Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Solar Challenge, a U.S. Department of Energy grand- funded program that encourages residents and businesses of Broward County to convert to solar energy. I would like to applaud the program and its sponsors for establishing a simplified and streamlined process for Broward County residents and businesses to obtain photovoltaic rooftop solar systems.

    I have been a long time supporter of solar power as a way to create new jobs in South Florida and move our country towards a more secure energy future. With some of our nation's most beautiful environmental treasures, including our beaches and the Everglades, I believe these natural resources must be protected by further investments in renewable energy options. Improving our access to innovative clean energy technologies will help curb our dependence on fossil fuels, thereby benefitting our environment, economy, and national security.

    The Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Challenge provides an important service to the county by making solar power more accessible to local residents and businesses. I am thankful to this conference for bringing together government officials, local businesses, and private citizens committed to solar energy to share information and resources. I want to particularly thank Kristin Jacobs, Broward County Mayor, for her leadership in spreading green energy to the region. Congratulations to the Go SOLAR Broward Rooftop Challenge team and all of the conference participants for taking action to spread solar power resources to South Florida.


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