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  • Congratulating Catholic High School and Coach Dale Weiner

    by Representative Garret Graves

    Posted on 2015-12-08

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    GRAVES of Louisiana asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) [[Page H9034]] Mr. GRAVES of Louisiana. Madam Speaker, on Friday evening this past Friday, the 5A Division 1 playoffs occurred in high school football in Louisiana, and my high school alma mater of Catholic High in Baton Rouge played against our distinguished majority whip's Catholic high school, the Archbishop Rummel High School.

    This was a great game, Madam Speaker, where it went on to the fourth quarter where things were tied up with only a few seconds left with both sides praying, I am sure. We had a little bit of intervention here. And while there is a chance, Madam Speaker, that this poster was fabricated, I assure you that the win that Catholic High had over Archbishop Rummel was very, very real, and the values that each of these schools instill upon their students is also very real.

    I want to congratulate Coach Dale Weiner, Catholic High School Bears out of Baton Rouge, and Coach Weiner's over 300 wins in high school football.


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