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  • Condemning the Recent Terrorist Attacks in Paris

    by Representative Ted Poe

    Posted on 2015-01-20

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    POE of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman and the ranking member for bringing this resolution to the House floor so quickly.

    Mr. Speaker, it was a cold winter morning in Paris just before lunchtime when two masked men with AK-47s approached a woman standing outside the door of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, forcing her to let them in.

    Once inside the door, they gunned down the security guard in the lobby and ran up to the second floor shouting, ``Where is Charb? Where is Charb?'' Charb is the nickname of the newspaper's editor, Mr. Charbonnier. After reaching their target, they executed him and 10 others. They exited the building shouting, ``Allahu Akbar,'' or ``God is the greatest.'' Then they sped off. They would kill an injured Muslim police officer lying on the ground before they fled.

    The two terrorists got away, but not for long. French law enforcement found and killed the men in a standoff near the Paris airport. That same day, another terrorist killed a female police officer and attacked a kosher supermarket and murdered four Jewish men. Once again, French law enforcement took care of the terrorists and rescued the hostages.

    These terrorists killed because they didn't like what people had to say. Mr. Speaker, it is a fundamental human right to have freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. No amount of violence can take those rights away from us. It is basic.

    Mr. Speaker, this resolution says we are not going to let Islamic radical terrorists steal those rights from anyone, whether it is the French, whether it is someone else in the world or even here in America. Mr. Speaker, after all, they killed at the kosher cafe because they not only didn't like what people were saying, they didn't like those people because they were Jews.

    France did an excellent job bringing swift justice down on these terrorists, but the fight is certainly not over. There may be, and probably are, hundreds of others around the world plotting to kill neighbors and countrymen and people in other Nations because those terrorists don't agree with what those people say or what those people look like or what those people's personal religion may be. They think they have the right to kill in the name of a radical Islamic religion.

    Mr. Speaker, the threat is serious and it is deadly. This resolution remembers those folks who were killed because they believed the way they did or because they looked the way they looked or because their religion was different than others. We mourn when the French mourn. As stated earlier, the French are our oldest and first ally.

    In fact, Mr. Speaker, we have two portraits in this House Chamber, one of George Washington and one of Lafayette, the first great Frenchman who helped the United States. We have a close bond with the French. And it is important that we let them, the world, and especially the terrorists know that our bond with freedom-loving countries will remain strong, especially in time of need, when people are attacked because of their beliefs and the idea that they can express a difference of opinion.

    I want to congratulate French law enforcement for their speedy and quick resolve in disposing of these terrorists, and we should let them know that we appreciate all law enforcement who fight back against terrorists who want to kill us because we don't agree with them.

    Once again, I thank the chairman and the ranking member for bringing this resolution to the House floor.

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