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  • Condemning North Korean Nuclear Test

    by Representative Steve Chabot

    Posted on 2013-02-15

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    CHABOT. I'd like to add my voice to thanking the leadership, Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel, and former full chair, Ms. Ros- Lehtinen, for their leadership on this very important issue.

    I rise in strong support of this resolution condemning the actions of a pariah state and its dictatorial leader for brazenly violating international sanctions, multiple United Nations Security Council resolutions, and repeatedly threatening the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

    North Korea's test of a nuclear bomb on February 12, following its test of a ballistic missile in December, was a clear indication that it is continuing its quest for the ability to threaten the United States, South Korea, and other neighbors in the region.

    It has become evident that the current international sanctions are not working, but rather, emboldening Pyongyang to expand its arsenal and proliferate nuclear and ballistic technologies to dangerous allies in the Middle East.

    This resolution is only the first step in an effort to cripple the North Korean regime's ability to carry on with its illicit nuclear activities. I look forward to working with Chairman Royce and my colleagues on additional legislation that puts in place much tougher and more effective sanctions to sever Kim Jong Un's ability to threaten the international community.

    Mr. Speaker, the long-suffering people of North Korea are starving and being deprived of the most basic of human rights while their latest dictator squanders the nation's precious resources and threatens his neighbors and the surrounding region. The civilized world must take notice and take action.

    I thank the chairman for his leadership on this issue, and I urge support of the resolution.

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