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  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    by Representative Loretta Sanchez

    Posted on 2014-04-09

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    SANCHEZ of California asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend her remarks.) Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ of California. Madam Speaker, this morning, a productive meeting took place with the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus with respect to the deportations going on in our Nation.

    This issue is critical to my district of Orange County, which heartbreakingly accounts for 43 percent of the California ICE detainer requests on juveniles, which often lead to deportations. That is why I have advocated for comprehensive immigration reform, to ensure that no one is living in the shadow of fear.

    As a senior member of the House Homeland Security Committee, I will continue to urge the Department of Homeland Security to continue to keep in mind the harmful effects that these deportations have on our communities and the trauma they introduce into our families, into our young people, into our children.

    As a CHC member, I join my colleagues as we continue to act for the inclusion of the voices of our community stakeholders, so that their stories are not neglected.

    Madam Speaker, the time is now to vote on a comprehensive immigration reform package.


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