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  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    by Representative Ed Perlmutter

    Posted on 2014-04-02

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    PERLMUTTER asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. PERLMUTTER. Mr. Speaker, just give us a vote. Just give us a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.

    The United States Senate passed a bill almost a year ago, in a bipartisan fashion, on comprehensive immigration reform. Americans want comprehensive immigration reform.

    We have a bill, H.R. 15, which provides for comprehensive immigration reform. It would pass this House, but for some reason or another, the Republican majority will not bring it up. It will not allow the House to vote on it.

    The Senate had the courage to vote on it. The House ought to bring this up and pass comprehensive immigration reform. It can be done this week or next week. Let's get it done. Just give us a vote.


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