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  • Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Bill

    by Senator John Cornyn

    Posted on 2016-03-07

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    CORNYN. Madam President, we will soon end the debate and vote on a bill known as the CARA Act, a piece of legislation that will help restore families and communities across America that have been harmed by addiction and drug abuse. This is a serious piece of legislation that has been done on a bipartisan basis and is a good illustration of how we in the Senate ought to be doing our jobs as representatives of the American people. We identify a problem, and we work across the aisle to come up with a solution. We consider it on the floor of the Senate so that all 100 Members can have an opportunity to discuss it.

    An essential part of getting this legislation considered and passed on the floor is the hard work that happens in the respective committees, and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act is no exception. It is not only the result of bipartisan work but also the leadership of the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, the senior Senator from Iowa. We would not be here today considering this important legislation without Chairman Grassley's leadership. So it has been particularly disappointing for me to hear the Democratic leader and some across the aisle disparage this good man and say that he and other Republicans are not doing their jobs. I think the evidence is to the contrary. It is our job to advance commonsense legislation that will benefit the entire country. That is exactly what this legislation does and exactly what the chairman has been diligently pursuing.

    I would like to remind our friends across the aisle that the legislation we will soon advance is a bill the chairman diligently guided through the Judiciary Committee. I am thankful for his leadership and look forward to moving this bill along.

    Madam President, I see no other Senator wishing to speak.


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