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  • Commending and Congratulating Joyce I. Martratt on 50 Years of Civilian Service With the U.s. Air Force

    by Representative Madeleine Z. Bordallo

    Posted on 2015-12-15

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    BORDALLO of guam in the house of representatives Tuesday, December 15, 2015 Ms. BORDALLO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commend and congratulate Mrs. Joyce I. Martratt on her 50 years of civilian service with the United States Air Force. Joyce has served in numerous capacities with the Air Force on Guam, and she has dedicated much of her professional life to furthering its mission and providing critical support to our Airmen.

    Joyce was born to Jesus San Nicolas and Rosario Castro Camacho of Hagatna on August 28, 1939. She is the eldest of five children and endured the atrocities of war during the occupation of Guam during World War II. As a survivor of the war, she and her family relocated to the village of Mongmong, where they settled and began to rebuild their lives and homes. In 1955, Joyce was adopted by her Aunt Maria and Uncle Peling Castro in order for her to further her education as they moved to Washington, D.C. before resettling in San Francisco in 1956. She attended Oakland Community College while working for the Gallop Poll. She then moved back to Guam to attend the University of Guam. While at the University of Guam, she met her late-husband Herbert Sablan Leddy, and together they started a family. In 1984, Herbert passed away and Joyce later remarried Charlie Martratt.

    [[Page E1798]] Joyce began working at the Andersen Air Force Base in 1965. She was first hired for a temporary job at the Civilian Personnel Office as a clerk typist. She went on to work as a secretary and clerk-stenographer and continued to progress professionally. She served in several capacities, including work for the commander of the 43d Combat Support Group, Vice Commander of HQ Eighth Air Force, command of the 3rd Air Division, and the 43rd Bombardment Wing (Hvy) (SAC), the 633d Air Base Wing (PACAF), and the 13th Air Force (PACAF). Joyce worked with the 13th Air Force until the headquarters moved to Hickam in 2005. After the move, Joyce transferred to the 36th Air Base Wing Commander, where she is currently employed.

    During her 50 years of service, Joyce was privileged to be involved in many historic events and assisted and coordinated the visits of distinguished guests to the island. She supported efforts after the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War when the people of Guam and the U.S. Air Force provided humanitarian aid to over 111,000 Vietnamese refugees who were temporarily housed on Guam during Operation New Life. She has also supported numerous U.S. Air Force missions, including the evacuation of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and his family from the Philippines in 1986, and care for 6,600 Kurdish refugees who were brought to Guam as part of Joint Task Force Operation Pacific Haven in 1996. For several years, Joyce wrote a column about the local culture for the AAFB newspaper called ``Ask Joyce.'' Joyce has been a hallmark of Andersen Air Force Base and our community in Guam. She has always been a dedicated worker who puts her whole heart into what she does. Joyce is a true professional and her knowledge and background has helped the constant rotation of Commanders better understand the challenges and opportunities at Andersen Air Force Base. Her institutional knowledge is so critical to the entire team at Andersen Air Force Base. Additionally, Joyce is heavily involved in her parish of San Isidro as the director of faith formation and as a catechist. She serves in the community whenever called upon and is dedicated to her family.

    I join the United States Air Force and the people of Guam in thanking Joyce I. Martratt for her 50 years of service to our nation, our island, and our Airmen in the U.S. Air Force. She represents the very best of our civilian workforce and is symbolic of the great patriotism that exists on Guam. I commend her for her outstanding career and tireless work in all that she has accomplished. Thank you (Si Yu'os Ma'ase), Joyce.


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