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  • Commemorating the Life of Mario Cuomo

    by Representative Charles B. Rangel

    Posted on 2015-01-12

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    RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, as the senior member of the New York delegation, it affords me a great honor to come from the Empire State of New York, where we have so many people we are proud of, but because Mario Cuomo represented the true nature of the American Dream, we from the State of New York would just like to laud the contributions that he has made, not just to Queens, where he was raised, not just to the great State of New York, but to those democratic principles that all of us believe in, and no one could articulate it the way our great Governor has.

    So many people have come to this country from faraway places, and somehow, when they succeed, some change their names, some change their attitudes, and some just absolutely forget how they got here and how they were perceived; but Mario Cuomo was different.

    Mario was so proud of the fact that his parents were immigrants. He was proud of the fact that they came here with nothing but a hope and a dream that their son would succeed. He succeeded in everything that he touched, from neighborhood arbitration, to secretary of state, to Lieutenant Governor; and, of course, the Nation remembers him as Governor and as one who articulated the principles not of the Democratic Party, but of the entire country at a Democratic Convention.

    Of course, he leaves behind a son who, for those of us who attended his funeral would have to say not only did he talk about his father in terms that made us all feel proud, but in that voice that he had, if you closed your eyes for one moment, you would see that Mario Cuomo did not die. He left his son to continue in describing the great opportunity that we have in this great country.

    I am so glad that so many New Yorkers are here. Because we are here for such a short period of time--we are in committees and reorganizing--the delegation has asked me to reduce my remarks to 2 minutes, and I share that concern with the rest of our great delegation.

    It is my great pleasure to yield back the balance of my time so that the gentleman from New York, Joseph Crowley, may control the remainder of my time.


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