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    Commemorating the Life of Judge Charles B. Mikell

    by Former Representative Jack Kingston

    Posted on 2014-01-09

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    KINGSTON of georgia in the house of representatives Thursday, January 9, 2014 Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of the late Charlie Mikell. Many years ago I was in a Bible study group with a few friends. We met weekly to discuss spiritual matters, the Gospel, and our personal lives. One of the members was a young lawyer named Charles B. Mikell. Although as a group we were at various stages of our lives, Charlie had already served as an Army Intelligence Officer in Vietnam and was with one of the leading law firms in Savannah. One day he made a surprising comment. He said that there had been times in his life when he felt that he should have been doing more for others. As the years went by, I realized exactly what he meant.

    Eventually Charlie gave up his very lucrative career in law and was appointed to the State Court of Chatham County. He served as Chief Judge of that court for two years and as President of the Georgia Council of State Court Judges. Later, he was elected Judge of the Superior Court of the Eastern Judicial Circuit in 1992 and was reelected in 1996. In 2000 he was appointed to the Georgia Court of Appeals. He served as Chief Judge of the Georgia Court of Appeals from 2011 until his retirement in August of 2012. Through these activities he realized his potential and ability in serving others and emerged as one of the most respected judges in Georgia. He had a reputation for fairness, clarity, and mercy.

    In addition to his outstanding public service, Charlie was also involved in a number of charities and foundations, including the United Way, the Arthritis Foundation, the Boy Scouts, the Devereaux Foundation, the Museum of African History and Culture, the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Justice Center, and the National Foundation for Troubled Youth. He was also a member of the vestry at Christ Church, taught Sunday School, and coached basketball at the Victor B. Jenkins Memorial Boys Club. In each of his endeavors, he transcended political and socio-economic differences. He truly had no enemies and was respected by all.

    Charlie passed away on November 4, 2013 after a courageous battle with multiple myeloma. He leaves behind his loving wife of thirty-three years, Dr. Julia L. Mikell, his son Chuck and his wife Isadora, his son John, his wife Jane, and their two sons John, Jr. and James, and his son Sam. I had the privilege of attending church with the Mikell family, and I taught both Chuck and John in Sunday School. I also worked with Sam during his time in Washington. All three kids are brilliant, polite, and, like their parents, have channeled their remarkable talents into both the pursuit of their careers and to helping others.

    America is full of good people, and it's people like Julia and Charlie Mikell who have made America great by handing down wonderful values to their children. They will continue to bless us, and their memory will carry on. I feel honored to recognize the memory of Charlie Mikell, and I was proud to call him a friend. He will be truly missed.


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