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  • Colonel M.J. ``Mac’’ Dube, Usmc Post Office Building

    by Representative Peter Welch

    Posted on 2014-11-17

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    WELCH. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

    I am delighted to join in support of this postal naming, and it is just such a pleasure to listen to the gentleman from California (Mr. Cook) talk about a friend he knew who was a fellow colonel and then to see what he did after his life of service in the military, his life of service with his own folks back home, and I look at some of the things he did, and I am just amazed.

    He served in 46 combat missions. He earned four Purple Hearts. That means, basically, he dodged death at least four times. How he managed to do this and then put it all behind him--he probably never talked about it; instead, he preferred much more to just find a way to help folks back home when the bullets weren't flying.

    But he knew service in the military and service back home were equally important. This is an extraordinary person, and we are very honored that the gentleman is bringing this bill forward and that we will be able to recognize his contributions in the memory of a postal naming.

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