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  • Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2014

    by Representative Don Young

    Posted on 2014-04-01

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    YOUNG of Alaska. Mr. Speaker, I would like to indulge in a colloquy with Mr. Hunter.

    I want to thank the chairman of the subcommittee for yielding and, again, thank him for his work. Section 221 of H.R. 4005 prohibits the Secretary of Homeland Security from dismantling or disposing of any former LORAN system infrastructure for at least 1 year from the date of enactment of the act or until the date the Secretary notifies the committee that such infrastructure is not needed for a positioning, navigation, and timing system to provide redundant capability in the event GPS signals are disrupted, whichever is later; is that the chairman's understanding? Mr. HUNTER. Will the gentleman yield? Mr. YOUNG of Alaska. I yield to the gentleman from California.

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