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  • Clairton Bears Piaa Class a State Champions

    by Representative Michael F. Doyle

    Posted on 2013-02-04

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    DOYLE of pennsylvania in the house of representatives Monday, February 4, 2013 Mr. DOYLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to ask my colleagues to join me in congratulating the Clairton Bears on another perfect high school football season and their fourth consecutive PIAA Class A state championship victory.

    The Bears now have 63 straight wins after their victory in Hershey, PA, giving them the longest winning streak in all of high school, collegiate, and professional football. It is also the longest such streak in Pennsylvania history.

    Both the players and the coaches put in years of hard work that led to this sustained success on the field, and in their success they have brought hope to the town and the region.

    Tom Nola has now served as the team's head coach for 11 years, and he is assisted by coaches Tim Bukowski, Jim Dumm, Eric Fusco, Marc Gambino, Wayne Wade, Jr., and Remondo Williams, Sr.

    The team was led by sixteen seniors--Tyus Booker, Santeaun Sims, Bryon Clifford, Terrish Webb, Titus Howard, Nick Boswell, Vinny Moody, Robert Boatwright, Armani Ford, Tyler Boyd, Sedrick Nash, Devonte Harvey, Damond Flowers, Jordan Gressem, Kyuss Jeter, and Garret Santoline.

    In addition, the team included a number of underclassmen--JoJuan Bray, Ryan Williams, Tyreike Hammonds, Khalil Berry, Aaron Matthews, Vance Allen, Esaias Hammons, Brandon Murphy, James Hines, Deven Fritz, Demar Bell, Jjuan Jackson, Brian Brown, Raymone Clifford, Josh Wilson, Dryan Davenport, Vance Gibson, Israel Melvin, Will Hampton, Jhsia Miles, Devondre Brown, Jayll Hall, Carlito Spence, and Allen Norris.

    The Clairton Bears continue to make Pittsburgh proud through the high standard of athletic excellence they have brought to the gridiron. Clairton has a rich history of perseverance and hard work, and the Bears continue to build on that legacy. I give them my hearty congratulations, and I wish them all the best as they look to dive deeper into the record books next season.


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