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  • Citizen Empowerment Act

    A picture of Representative Darrell E. Issa

    Representative Darrell E. Issa

    From: CA District 49

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-07-31

    ISSA. Mr. Speaker, I move to suspend the rules and pass the bill (H.R. 2711) to amend title 5, United States Code, to establish certain procedures for conducting in-person or telephonic interactions...

    A picture of Representative Lynn Jenkins

    Representative Lynn Jenkins

    From: KS District 2

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-07-31

    JENKINS. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman for yielding, and I thank him for his leadership on this very important issue. Whether I'm talking to Kansans back home or listening to witnesses at Ways...

    A picture of Representative Elijah E. Cummings

    Representative Elijah E. Cummings

    From: MD District 7

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2013-07-31

    CUMMINGS. Mr. Speaker, I yield myself such time as I may consume. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposition to H.R. 2711. This legislation [[Page H5189]] would have a significant impact on law enforcement,...

    A picture of Representative Wm. Lacy Clay

    Representative Wm. Lacy Clay



    Date: 2013-07-31

    CLAY. I thank the gentleman for yielding. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposition to the bill, also. This bill would compromise the privacy rights of Federal employees and it would negatively impact...

    A picture of Representative Mike Kelly

    Representative Mike Kelly

    From: PA District 3

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-07-31

    KELLY of Pennsylvania. I thank the chairman. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of H.R. 2711. Let me tell you why. I hear about protecting rights all the time and how important it is for the government...

    A picture of Representative Steny H. Hoyer

    Representative Steny H. Hoyer

    From: MD District 5

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2013-07-31

    HOYER. I thank the gentleman for yielding. Mr. Speaker, I'm going to only speak once, even though there's seven bills. Time is short. We have just a few days left in the legislature until we shut down...

    A picture of Representative Blake Farenthold

    Representative Blake Farenthold

    From: TX District 27

    Party: Republican

    Date: 2013-07-31

    FARENTHOLD. Mr. Speaker, I'm troubled by the assertion that we don't treat our Federal employees right because we're asking them to do their job correctly and give their employers--we, the people, we,...

    A picture of Representative Gerald E. Connolly

    Representative Gerald E. Connolly

    From: VA District 11

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2013-07-31

    CONNOLLY. I thank my friend and colleague from Maryland. Mr. Speaker, I want to echo what the distinguished minority whip had to say. These bills were rushed to the floor. They've been long in the planning...

    A picture of Representative Stephen F. Lynch

    Representative Stephen F. Lynch

    From: MA District 8

    Party: Democrat

    Date: 2013-07-31

    LYNCH. I thank the ranking member for yielding me this time. I rise in strong opposition to H.R. 2711, the so-called Citizen Empowerment Act, that has been brought to this floor without a hearing. ...