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  • Celebrating the Life of Russell Simpson

    by Representative Marcy Kaptur

    Posted on 2013-03-19

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    KAPTUR of ohio in the house of representatives Tuesday, March 19, 2013 Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker. I rise today to honor the life of Russell Simpson, who passed from this life on Tuesday, March 15, 2013. Russell Simpson had a true servant's heart and his life helped countless others.

    Mr. Simpson was born October 14, 1934. A lifelong Toledoan, he graduated from Libbey High School and served in the United States Army. He married his wife, Patricia, in 1958 and they began their family. He was a Greyhound bus driver, a career which served him well later in life when he served older adults as a driver for senior center activities and excursions.

    In 1969, the unthinkable happened and the Simpsons' four-year-old daughter was murdered. Their grief was compounded twelve years later when their nineteen-year-old son was killed during a robbery. Incredibly, out of these two horrific and senseless tragedies, the Simpsons bore fruit. In 1983, the Simpsons formed Parents of Murdered Children, a nationally recognized support group. Soon, parents with similar tragic tales had a place where they belonged and could share their grief with people who understood. As his daughter noted, ``He got through it by helping other people get through it.'' Russell Simpson was successful in persuading the county prosecutor to create a victims assistance fund. He trained to facilitate face-to-face meetings with victims or family members and their offender. He worked to educate the community and law enforcement to strengthen communication. Most importantly, he was a calm shoulder, a kind heart, compassionate eyes and a strong leader to families facing the ultimate tragedy.

    Russell Simpson leaves a legacy of service. His selfless work will endure into the future. Even as he helped other families, he never lost sight of his own. Our condolences to his wife Patricia, his children Linda Lou and David, and his grandchildren. May the light which shone for others guide you as well, and in your memories may you find peace.


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