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  • Celebrating Bill Gray

    by Representative Gregory W. Meeks

    Posted on 2013-07-08

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    MEEKS. I want to thank the gentleman for organizing the opportunity to say thank you. First, thank you to God for sending us Bill Gray. Thank you to God for having an individual who understands who he was, where he came from, and how he got here, and never forgetting about those least than he. Bill Gray knew what his purpose [[Page H4195]] was in life. Many individuals go through this thing that we call life and never find out what our purpose is. But all you have to do is to look at the works of Bill Gray, and you know his purpose was to serve people, to serve people who needed a hand up, to serve people who sometimes are forgotten about, to serve people to make sure that their tomorrow was better than their yesterday.

    When I think of Bill Gray, one of the first things that I was told when I got elected to Congress, by an individual who looked up to him, my predecessor, the Reverend Floyd H. Flake, said that Reverend Gray inspired him because, like Reverend Gray, Reverend Flake had a large congregation.

    {time} 2000 And he understood how he could take that skill, being a minister, and help the masses.

    In fact, I can recall a statement made by Representative Gray when he was appointed, when he was elected the chair of the Budget Committee. They asked him, What do you know about budgets? He said, Have you ever been the pastor of a Baptist church? And he showed that he did understand budgets and money, and how to deal with it, and he did it in such a masterful way.

    He also understood the world, and the global world. Even the last few conversations I had with him were about the world, were about going out to countries, whether they be on the continent of Africa or right here in North America, whether it was in the Western Hemisphere, and how he could help people, all people, but especially people of African descent, so that they too can rise and see and accomplish all that they could be.

    So death is always--and I send my condolences to the family--it's a sad thing. But when one has had such a stellar life, when one has made the kind of contributions, it's a celebration. It's a celebration that we need to thank God for, and we need to thank the fact that God sent him here so that he could be that bright and shining star for all to see and many to follow.

    He leaves a legacy for us to follow. We will follow. We will miss him, but we thank him for his service to mankind.

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