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  • Born Alive Survivors Protection Act

    by Representative Trent Franks

    Posted on 2016-01-07

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    FRANKS of Arizona asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. FRANKS of Arizona. Mr. Speaker, Thomas Jefferson, whose words marked the beginning of this Nation, said: ``The care of human life and its happiness, and not its destruction, is the chief and only object of good government.'' Yet, Mr. Speaker, 43 years ago, our Supreme Court mandated abortion on demand in America, and 57 million innocent little American babies have since been slaughtered before seeing the light of day in this, the land of the free and the home of brave.

    Mr. Speaker, this House passed the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act months ago to protect helpless children who survive abortion and are born alive. Yet at this very moment, that bill to protect born-alive children languishes in the United States Senate for lack of six Democrat votes and a veto threat by Barack Obama.

    It is time for the President of the United States and each Senator and all of us, as Americans, to ask ourselves in our own hearts if this is who we truly are.


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