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  • Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

    by Representative Peter J. Roskam

    Posted on 2015-09-18

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    ROSKAM. Madam Speaker, my heart is heavy with this debate. My heart becomes very heavy when I hear the descriptions of this awful procedure.

    My heart becomes even heavier, Madam Speaker, when I listen to the twisted logic and the distortions of people who find themselves implicitly defending this.

    President Obama has said that he will veto this because it is related to abortion services. Yet, Mr. Nadler moments ago said this has nothing to do with abortion, that everybody agrees that these babies are born and deserve the protections of the law. He says, basically, it is a sideshow. It is either one or the other, Madam Speaker, and they don't get to argue it both ways.

    But I think we ought to be able to agree on this, that we are talking about people who are born, who are breathing, whose hearts are pumping, whose fingers are twitching, who have full feeling and deserve every benefit of the doubt and every protection of the law.

    {time} 0945 Ms. JUDY CHU of California. Madam Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from California (Mr. Ruiz), a leading physician in our Congress.

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