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  • Authorizing Use of Capitol Grounds for National Peace Officers Memorial Service

    by Representative Sheila Jackson Lee

    Posted on 2015-04-21

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    JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong support of H. Con. Res. 25, which authorizes the use of the Capitol grounds for the National Peace Officers Memorial Service and the National Honor Guard and Pipe Band Exhibition.

    It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this.

    The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is the nation's monument to law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

    Dedicated on October 15, 1991, the Memorial honors federal, state and local law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the safety and protection of our nation and its people.

    Carved on its walls are the names of 20,538 officers who have been killed in the line of duty throughout U.S. history, dating back to the first known death in 1791.

    Added to the Wall this year will be the names of the 117 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2014.

    Mr. Speaker, enshrined on the Memorial Wall of Honor also are the names of 1,695 fallen peace officers from the state of Texas, the most of any state, including 114 members of the Houston Police Department who gave their lives to keep their city safe.

    I ask unanimous consent to include a list of these fallen heroes from Houston, Texas.

    Mr. Speaker, today there are more than 900,000 law enforcement personnel serving the people of our country, the highest amount ever.

    About 12 percent of them are female.

    These brave men and women risk their lives to keep the peace and keep us safe but they are too often taken by the violence they are working to prevent.

    Every year, a law enforcement officer is killed somewhere in the United States every 60 hours, and there are also 58,930 assaults against our law officers each year, resulting in 15,404 injuries.

    Mr. Speaker, as a member of the Law Enforcement Caucus I am proud to represent the people of the 18th Congressional District of Texas in paying tribute to the 117 fallen heroes who will be joining the 20,538 gallant [[Page H2335]] men and women who gave the last full measure of devotion to the communities they took an oath to protect and serve.

    Mr. Speaker, I ask for a moment of silence in memory of the officers whose names will be added to the National Peace Officers Memorial Wall of Honor.

    Houston Law Enforcement Officers Memorialized on the Wall of Honor 1. Timothy Scott Abernethy, End of Watch: December 7, 2008, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    2. Charles H Baker, End of Watch: August 16, 1979, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    3. Johnny Terrell Bamsch, End of Watch: January 30, 1975, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    4. Claude R Beck, End of Watch: December 10, 1971, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    5. Jack B Beets, End of Watch: March 30, 1955, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    6. Troy A Blando, End of Watch: May 19, 1999, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    7. James Charles Boswell, End of Watch: December 9, 1989, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    8. C E Branon, End of Watch: March 20, 1959, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    9. John M Cain, End of Watch: August 3, 1911, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    10. Richard H Calhoun, End of Watch: October 10, 1975, Houston Texas Police Department 11. Dionicio M Camacho, End of Watch: October 23, 2009, Harris County, Texas, S.O.

    12. Henry Canales, End of Watch: June 23, 2009, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    13. Frank Manuel Cantu Jr, End of Watch: March 25, 2004, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    14. E C Chavez, End of Watch: September 17, 1925, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    15. Charles Roy Clark, End of Watch: April 3, 2003, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    16. Charles Robert Coates II, End of Watch: February 23, 1983, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    17. Pete Corrales, End of Watch: January 25, 1925, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    18. Rufus E Daniels, End of Watch: August 23, 1917, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    19. Johnnie Davidson, End of Watch: February 19, 1921, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    20. Worth Davis, End of Watch: June 17, 1928, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    21. Keith Alan Dees, End of Watch: March 7, 2002, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    22. Reuben Becerra Deleon Jr, End of Watch: October 26, 2005, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    23. William Edwin Deleon, End of Watch: March 29, 1982, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    24. Floyd T Deloach Jr, End of Watch: June 30, 1965, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    25. George D Edwards, End of Watch: June 30, 1939, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    26. Dawn Suzanne Erickson, End of Watch: December 24, 1995, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    27. J C Etheridge, End of Watch: August 23, 1924, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    28. James E Fenn, End of Watch: March 14, 1891, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    29. E D Fitzgerald, End of Watch: September 30, 1930, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    30. C Edward Foley, End of Watch: March 10, 1860, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    31. Joseph Robert Free, End of Watch: October 18, 1912, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    32. Guy P Gaddis, End of Watch: January 31, 1994, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    33. James T Gambill, End of Watch: December 1, 1936, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    34. Florentino M Garcia Jr, End of Watch: November 10, 1989, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    35. Ben Eddie Gerhart, End of Watch: June 26, 1968, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    36. G Q Gonzalez, End of Watch: February 28, 1960, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    37. Charles R Gougenheim, End of Watch: April 30, 1955, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    38. Carl Greene, End of Watch: March 14, 1928, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    39. Leon Griggs, End of Watch: January 31, 1970, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    40. Maria Michelle Groves, End of Watch: April 10, 1987, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    41. Gary Allen Gryder, End of Watch: June 29, 2008, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    42. Antonio Guzman JF, End of Watch: January 9, 1973, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    43. Howard B Hammond, End of Watch: August 18, 1946, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    44. James Donald Harris, End of Watch: July 13, 1982, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    45. David Michael Healy, End of Watch: November 12, 1994, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    46. Timothy A Hearn, End of Watch: June 8, 1978, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    47. Oscar Hope, End of Watch: June 22, 1929, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    48. Elston M Howard, End of Watch: July 20, 1988, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    49. David Huerta, End of Watch: September 19, 1973, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    50. James Bruce Irby, End of Watch: June 27, 1990, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    51. Bobby L James, End of Watch: June 26, 1968, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    52. John C James, End of Watch: December 12, 1901, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    53. Rodney Joseph Johnson, End of Watch: September 21, 2006, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    54. Ed Jones, End of Watch: September 13, 1929, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    55. P P Jones, End of Watch: January 30, 1927, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    56. Frank L Kellogg, End of Watch: November 30, 1955, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    57. S A Buster Kent, End of Watch: January 12, 1954, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    58. James F Kilty, End of Watch: April 8, 1976, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    59. Kent Dean Kincaid, End of Watch: May 23, 1998, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    60. Louis R Kuba, End of Watch: May 17, 1967, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    61. J D Landry, End of Watch: December 3, 1930, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    62. Robert Wayne Lee, End of Watch: January 31, 1971, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    63. Fred Maddox Jr, End of Watch: February 24, 1954, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    64. Eydelmen Mani, End of Watch: May 19, 2010, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    65. A P Marshall, End of Watch: November 8 1937, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    66. Charles R Mcdaniel, End of Watch: August 4, 1963, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    67. E G Meinke, End of Watch: August 23, 1917, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    68. Harry Mereness, End of Watch: October 18, 1933, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    69. Noel R Miller, End of Watch: June 6, 1958, Houston, Texas, P.D.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The question is on the motion offered by the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Barletta) that the House suspend the rules and agree to the concurrent resolution, H. Con. Res. 25.

    The question was taken.

    The SPEAKER pro tempore. In the opinion of the Chair, two-thirds being in the affirmative, the ayes have it.

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