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  • Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game

    by Representative Shelley Moore Capito

    Posted on 2014-06-19

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    CAPITO. Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank my cocaptain, and I would like to thank the Members of the Senate who played with us as well. It was wonderful.

    You all will be happy to know that we did not exploit the youth and inexperience of the press too much, because we had several grandmothers on the team, and for the poor folks who aren't grandmothers, I felt a little sorry for them.

    I would like to call down our other coach, Mr. Ed Perlmutter, who helped us every morning when we got up.

    I would also like to give special recognition to two new members of the team this year--Katherine and Jaime. They did great.

    To our Members who did not play with us this year, they were dressed and cheering right by the sidelines, so thank you all for coming.

    Thanks to all of you who came out and supported us. Thanks to all of you for supporting such a great cause.

    Sorry we beat you--not really.

    We are on to next year because we do enjoy it. It is a labor of love because we are up early in the morning in the wind and in the rain. Thanks so much for all of the support that you give us.

    Thanks, everybody.


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