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  • Annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game

    by Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    Posted on 2014-06-19

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    WASSERMAN SCHULTZ asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Ms. WASSERMAN SCHULTZ. Mr. Speaker, I rise with many of the women of the House, both Republican and Democrat--the members of the Congressional Women's Softball Team--to share with our colleagues that, last night, at the Sixth Annual Congressional Women's Softball Game, the Members beat the press and took back the trophy.

    Now, unbelievably, the press seems to be absent. They want to cover us on [[Page H5514]] everything else, but they seem to be absent in observing these proceedings. We are so proud to report to you that we didn't just beat them, but we beat them badly--10-5.

    We were able to raise the most that we have ever raised for the Young Survival Coalition. In total, over the last 6 years, we have raised just over $500,000 for the Young Survival Coalition, which helps raise awareness and takes care of young women who are facing breast cancer. I know all of you know by now that I am a breast cancer survivor myself. I was diagnosed at 41, and so this is so personal for me.

    I want to thank all of my teammates who have become my sisters and friends. The best thing about this game, besides that we were able to raise awareness for young women all across this country, are the friendships that we all formed and that many of us know would not ever have been made without our playing together on this team. It was so much fun for such a good cause.

    Actually, what we would like to do before I turn it over to my cocaptain, Mrs. Moore Capito, is we would like to ask Coach Nat to come join us at the front because she never gets the recognition that she deserves. We love her so much. Natalie gave us such incredible skill- building drills this year that it really made a difference. Our bats were hot, and our fielding was great. We had very few errors, and we jelled as a team.

    If I can just say one thing before I turn it over to Mrs. Moore Capito, it is that we are really so proud of the fact that this is a bipartisan team, and, hopefully, we set an example for how it really is possible to set aside politics and work together. We are very proud of being able to do that. Many of us work together in the Chamber now that we have played together on the field, so we hope that we can continue to set an example and make sure that we can, as much as possible, put aside politics so we can do things together for the country.

    With that, I yield to the gentlelady from West Virginia (Mrs. Capito), my cocaptain.

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