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  • Americans Need Real Solutions

    by Representative Daniel T. Kildee

    Posted on 2013-02-13

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    KILDEE asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.) Mr. KILDEE. Madam Speaker, last night at his State of the Union address, President Obama outlined a real job creation plan to grow our economy and strengthen America's middle class. However, sequestration is just 15 days away, threatening to stall our economic recovery.

    Sequestration would be devastating for many programs and services that my constituents and all Americans rely on: Head Start; the Women, Infants and Children--WIC--nutrition plan; medical research funding; Indian Health Service; police officers; and food inspectors. Funding for all these crucial areas would be decimated.

    Sequestration would also make our country less safe by implementing reckless, across-the-board defense cuts. We've already reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion, mostly through spending cuts. There's no question we can eliminate additional wasteful spending. However, we should be strategic in finding ways to reduce our deficit. With sequestration looming, Madam Speaker, Americans need real solutions, not another eleventh hour cliffhanger.


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