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  • American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012

    by Representative Jared Polis

    Posted on 2013-01-01

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    POLIS. I want to again begin by acknowledging the long service of our chair in the House. This could very well be the last time we have the opportunity to debate here on the House floor, and I certainly wish him well.

    I also want to express my gratitude to the great patriotism of my colleagues, both Democratic and Republican, and particularly those in their lame-duck period who have chosen to stay around and work right up to the final hour of their contract with the American people--in many cases without an office, in many cases without a home. We see them roaming the halls here of the Capitol. I personally, regardless of how they come down on this particular issue, applaud their patriotism in fulfilling the will of their voters for the 112th Congress.

    What we have before us, and I think Members on both sides agree, certainly has some good aspects and some aspects that need to be approved. The question is on what side is there more weight. I think it's important to talk about what this bill does and what it doesn't do.

    First, briefly, what it doesn't do. My own Senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, was one of the small group of Senators who voted against this because he, like myself, is an advocate of a comprehensive budget solution: restoring fiscal integrity to our country along the parameters of what the supercommittee attempted but failed to accomplish, along the parameters of what the Bowles-Simpson Commission, the Gang of Eight have attempted to accomplish, which we know could only be accomplished in a bipartisan manner but is so important to the future of our country to balance the budget and restore the fiscal integrity.

    This bill is not that bill. However, what this bill does is it ensures that the American people will not have the largest tax increase in the history of our country tomorrow: $2,000 a year out of the pocket of families making $80,000 a year; almost $4,000 a year out of the pocket of families making $150,000 a year.

    What does that mean to families? It might be the money that helps them stay above water on their mortgage. It might be the money that allows their child to attend college.

    Beyond the ramifications at the family level, there's the aggregate effect across our economy. When families don't have that money, they're not able to spend that money to buy products, buy products that need to be produced, have jobs in America and create jobs.

    I think we need to make sure that we don't raise taxes on the American people. The best way to do that is by supporting this bill. Anybody opposing this bill is supporting the largest tax increase in the history of the country.

    I call upon my colleagues, Democratic and Republican, to remove this [[Page H7534]] tax burden from the middle class and ensure that taxes don't go up tomorrow. I encourage my colleagues to support the rule and the bill.

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