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    Amendment to Fers Annuity for Members of Congress

    by Former Representative Howard Coble

    Posted on 2013-12-11

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    COBLE. Mr. Speaker, on the June 13 of this year, I introduced a bill, H.R. 2357, to provide that Members must complete 12 years of credible service to become vested into the retirement system. I have not professed to be an expert on pensions, Mr. Speaker, but 5 years appear to be very generous. So in my bill I had extended that from the 5-year timeframe to 12 years.

    [[Page H7630]] Taxpayers subsidize this plan. I believe by increasing the minimum timeframe, I think it would, obviously, result in considerable savings. I have conducted no survey to support that, but commonsense tells me that. In fact, this is a commonsense proposal.

    For example, Mr. Speaker, a Member of Congress now must complete only 5 years of credible service to become vested. I know of no plan, other than this one, that would vest at 5 years. Such a Member would be required, if my bill is enacted, to complete at least 12 years of service prior to becoming vested.

    I figured after 4 or 5 weeks I would have attracted at least 20 to 25 cosponsors. Today, I have no cosponsors. So, to walk you through how it would work if my plan is adopted, a Member of the Congress must complete not 5 years, but 12 years of service. That can be done through six 2-year House terms or two 6-year Senate terms or a combination thereof.

    It is a commonsense proposal. Meanwhile, Mr. Speaker, I will anxiously await the knock on the door for cosponsors willing to sign up. The welcome mat is out. It is a good proposal.


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